Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

chickadees and warm days

I got up early this morning. After breakfast, I drove to Brockdale Park. Trinity Trail was too muddy to hike, so I walked along the paved road. I saw lots of Carolina chickadees, and a few yellow-rumped warblers.

carolina chickadee on 1 12 2014

I also walked around the little lake at Oak Point Park. I saw a flock of Canada geese (in very un-goose-like poor flight formation), an American kestrel, and mallards.

I came home and took Beatrice for a walk. A baleful beagle bayed for attention, and, a bit to my surprise, Beatrice went over and said 'hi". The weather today was warm and windy.

In the afternoon, I went to Weight Watchers, where I was down 2 pounds. I worked late this afternoon on getting some paperwork in order, and had a very pleasant chat with my late father's wife. I took a solo stroll. The wind had picked up, and had a chill in it. The park geese cautioned me not to get too close to a visiting new flock of ducks. These two geese often act as the concierges of the small park pond.

Tonight we had this amazing chicken chili that my wife fixed. I may watch a little of the Golden Globes broadcast, but will be more inclined to watch the TV program "Downton Abbey".

In my spare moments, I am watching the classic movie "Breaking Away" via google video. It is even better than I remember it being. I am listening to Entertainment for the Braindead, to a Kevin Kane song, and to Phillip Wilkerson.

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