Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

configuring and figuring

I spent my morning at my office. The day proved warm-ish but very rainy. I dined at Charley's Subs for lunch. They know my standard order there. I read a magazine about Linux as I ate.

In the afternoon, I went to the courthouse to attend to a business matter. I was pleased that the traffic was light for the 45 minute or so drive into Dallas. I got back to my office by 4 and worked until a bit before 6 p.m.

We went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner. The restaurant narrowed its menu, taking away many of my favorites. I found it a bit harder to order the things that fit with how I eat there, but I settled on a nice soup and sandwich. My wife enjoyed speaking with the articulate waitperson.

Tonight I set up my new desktop computer. I am typing this entry on it now. I chose a computer from ZaReason, which pre-configures Linux systems. Though a different vendor on eBay might have sold me a similar model less expensively, the price was reasonable and I am impressed that it is configured as I had requested it. Now I am going through and installing the things I regularly use. One nice thing about Linux is that everything I use, more or less, is free. I have installed Firefox, WINE, vlc, lightspark, flash and am now on Inkscape. I will also add another dozen or so things I enjoy having on my system.

I chose to go the AMD route this time, choosing a computer with the FX-4130 cpu, a quad-core unit. It is noticeably more responsive than my previous desktop. This may achieve my goal of giving me a little more
oomph for music creation while keeping the desktop moderately affordable. I was able to set it up with no trouble other than the usual "did I plug it in?" kinds of trouble. Though Fedora requires one to install non-free software through a non-Fedora software center (repository), that is not really much of an ordeal.
So far, the system seems to like my own USB adapter better than the on-board wi-fi adapter, but I suspect that I can remedy that with a bit of driver attention. I am delighted that the new computer lacks the static hums (apparently a USB connection was loose) that my prior computer had developed. I plan to
rehabilitate the prior computer as a kind of second computer, unless it turns out that someone else in need is short a computer as time goes on.

I have a lot of practical things to do this weekend, as well as the need to get lots of health-sustaining exercise, so I am glad the computer installation has been so smooth. I will do some more as the weekend wears on, but Friday got the weekend off to a grand start.

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