Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

from jay to chris

Yesterday morning my meeting lasted all morning,and ended well. I was on a late afternoon flight. I made some business calls, and took a walk in Fairview Park in Costa Mesa. I marveled again at the great selection of raptors and hummingbirds the park offered.

I landed late, and got home later. But I was glad to get home. Among other things, it was the 8th Bea-versary--the 8th year since we adopted our wonderful shelter pal Beatrice. She is probably 14 or so, but she's still full of fun.

This morning the fog infused everything.During lunchtime, I went to Breckinridge Park to take pictures of birds in the mist.

american kestrel in the fog 1 9 2014

I liked the blue jay who stood in the same tree as the kestrel,calling "jay! jay!" to alert the neighborhood,but seeming a bit unsure of how to deal with a pint-sized raptor.

I am sometimes soft-spoken. My work telephone receiver is sometimes imperfect. I hate it when I have to raise my voice to be heard. I always sound so irritated, when I am not so very irritated.

Tonight I was 10 minutes late to my Garland Bar Association meeting. I went by mistake to the wrong location. I got my first clue that it was no longer meeting at Eastern Hills Country Club when the front gate was locked when I arrived there. I made my way to Dallas Athletic Club, ten minutes away, thanks to an electronic navigation program.

I have a cool new box in my living room. My ZaReason linux computer arrived today, 8 days after I asked for it to be custom-built. Will they have correctly pre-installed Fedora LXDE, as I requested? We'll see this weekend. I am eager to have a bit more CPU oomph. My 2014 resolution is to make more computer music.

A woman at the A, T & T store helped me with a matter about my late father after the A, T & T telephone help could not help at all. I know how I got less sleep last night, because I felt a little irritated during the phone call.

Today New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in the press dealing with the fact that his aides were caught engaging in odious and juvenile political games. He did a good day of damage control today, but it's still annoying how political aides could wield so much power to misuse to make a political point. I suspect this kind of thing is not isolated. I wish it were impossible to believe.

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