Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a decade later

I just looked back at my livejournal post for Friday, January 3, 2003. Back then we were on the verge of flying to Grand Bahama for a few days off. We enjoyed that trip. We snorkeled and watched woodpeckers in a pine forest and ate peas 'n' rice. Pictures of me on that trip showed me as heavy as I ever got. Indirectly, and a long while later, those images sent me to Weight Watchers.

Tonight I am merely on the verge of flying into dreams. I am 61 pounds lighter than then. I hope to see a woodpecker tomorrow, when we have a warm day predicted.

I got an e-mail from ZaReason that the computer I ordered day before yesterday is built and
shipped to me. That's fast! I am eager to get it, configure it, and do things with it.

Tomorrow afternoon is supposed to peak above 60 degrees F., an oasis among cold days. I hope to enjoy the warmth.

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