Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Naan and on

Tonight after work my wife and I drove to Naan in Plano for dinner with my brother and my nephew. The last time I went to Naan, it had a diverse fusion menu. Tonight the menu was mostly Japanese, with a couple of Korean dishes. I opted to forego my usual sushi and instead enjoyed salmon teriyaki.

We were delighted to meet my nephew's girlfriend, whom we had not met before tonight. She was very nice and had an easy,conversational way about her. I often think that though people are people no matter what, today's 20somethings are often far less awkward among their elders than kids were when I was in my 20s.

When we got home, I tossed Beatrice's stuffed rabbit around, to her delight. The local garbage truck did not make its run until 8 p.m. I wondered if the workers took the morning off as a last holiday joy.

I am enjoying learning about things called Phenom II x3 and the like. My wife and I made plans to see two movies on Wednesday. The bitter cold is now only cold. I am not bitter. One of my wife's very young first cousins once removed sent us a charming hand-written thank-you note, with a little heart to the upper right, above her signature. One more day, and a new year begins. It's totally irrelevant, sure, but I invest it with lots of relevance.

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