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Discovery of new ice-encrusted rock in space

I think it's cool that they found something nearly half the size of Pluto out in outer space out beyond Pluto in the Kuiper Belt. The thinking apparently is that it is not a planet, as it is too small in general and in relation to its neighbors. Accordingly, they gave it the name of a really obscure god, as apparently all the major names are reserved for a tenth planet. I read an article which suggested that this object fuels an old debate about whether Pluto is in fact a planet or merely another Kuiper Belt object. I'm sure this will be hotly considered and debated at every social event I attend for years to come.

I had a quick flash about what would happen if Intel announced that it had already patented a process for discovering the next sub-planetoid object, giving it the exclusive right to name it, but then it would turn out Intel had to name it the Moby Planet pursuant to its extensive merchandising agreement with that artist (Moby having foreseen the need for credit as to all celestial objects). But my efforts to draft this post as a faux press release went for naught, and I must instead mention it only in passing. We are all made of stars, after all, or else they would not play that commercial one hundred times an evening.

Tonight apparently a new show features a plot line revolving around Batman's illegimate child with Catwoman. I would prefer that a show based on such a union be termed something other than "Birds of Prey", as the titling seems to ignore species groupings altogether. I'm tempted to make one of those tacky old riddles like "What do you get when you cross a Bat with a Cat?" to which the answer should be something like "I'm not sure, but the notion of furballs dropping from mid-air is awe-inspiring", and yet, really, the true answer to the riddle is "something they broadcast on the WB". Still, I really like "Smallville". I just hope "Birds of Prey" does not portray Batman as a deadbeat dad.

I wish we spent more on exploring the deepest sea. I'd love to see more giant squid type discoveries, not to mention intelligent life down below.
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