Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Wurlitzer, Scrooge and bluebirds

house finch 12202013

The temperature fell 30 degrees Fahrenheit between noon and five p.m. I spent my lunch hour in the park, watching cedar waxwings, red-bellied woodpeckers, Carolina chickadees, a Cooper's hawk (being harassed by a brave small bird, probably a chickadee), a house finch,
dark-eyed juncoes, and eastern bluebirds. I liked when the hawk let out an irritated complaint.

I got a call from my teen niece, who had just opened the art supplies we got her for Christmas. I was glad to hear from her. I got more Christmas cards out, putting me on the downhill slope for Christmas cards. I got a nice e-mail from a card recipient, which was gratifying.

We went to the McKinney Courthouse Theater in McKinney's Performing Arts Center. We saw a great version of "A Christmas Carol" by the local community theater group. The format was an hour-long one-act, with no intermission. The script was faithful to the book, slicing and dicing a bit rather than adding frosting. Prior to the play, we were treated to an half hour
of the Wurlitzer theater organ playing Christmas Carols using full electro-pneumatic action to achieve the full dose of vibrato. I love the way that a theater organ is to organ music what Alastair Sim is to the role of Scrooge. This organ also enlivened the play, which was pleasingly carol-accompanied. When we left the theater, the fog had set in but the rain had not begun. We stopped by a supermarket for provisions, and headed home.

Tomorrow I must finish my Christmas shopping, and then enjoy the afternoon.

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