Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

burnt offerings of love

I got a goodish few Christmas cards addressed and mailed today. After work, I stopped at one of those chain specialty stores which still believes in knowledgeable sales clerks. One guided me to my gift purchase. The wrapping queue ran until early the next evening, which suited me fine. I asked them to set the package up for pick-up on Saturday.

The day proved warm, with an unfulfilled promise of rain. I saw a kestrel standing on a sign.I am watching "A Christmas Carol" in the Alastair Sim version. I was touched to receive some mail today.

We decided to eat Christmas dinner out this year. I found a wonderful small place with just the right menu--heavy on the turkey, light on the goo. I left a message on the cafe's voice mail in the afternoon, and got a confirming call near 5 p.m. from the owner/chef. The enthusiasm in his voice was infectious. I hope to be infected with kindly enthusiasm more days.

In my family, Christmas dinner was a lunch event. I have many a memory of my late Aunt Jean being responsible to bring the dinner rolls at noon for Christmas dinner. Her rolls were quite good. However, she had a tendency to let them cook slightly too long, giving them the slightest trace of scorch. She lingered a bit too long arriving for lunch as she finished her rolls. My now-late father, meanwhile, would always want to start lunch early. My aunt would come in moments later, with slightly scorched rolls. With hindsight, better time management would have resulted in just-right rolls and harmonious timing. But
that would have robbed me of these slight, gentle memories.

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