Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

finds and pounds

Today I spent a fair bit of time reviewing a box of old family photos. I saw photos of my parents, photos of myself and my siblings, and photos of our extended family. I liked the way that the same people always looked the same in some ways, and yet in other ways a different photograph could capture each person in completely different ways.

I went to Weight Watchers today.I had some trepidation before I went. During the activities surrounding the memorial service, I was exposed to lots of food. I avoided most of it, but I did eat a bit more than in a usual week. Also, the ice storm limited a bit how much exercise I pursued. I was pleased to find out I had lost a pound. I am now 18 pounds down since the end of May. If I can stay about 12 pounds lost through year-end, I will have achieved my goal for this year. I did some holiday shopping, including making a great find at an estate sale that a gift recipient will love.

The day turned nearly warm today. I took a walk in the late afternoon at Towne Lake Park. I watched the shore birds and water birds. great egret at towne lake park. Tonight we dined on a very good leftover stew.

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