Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

60% test

The weather people proved right again. Today was very cold, but things began to thaw a bit.
I spent most of the day resting. I listened to part of a sermon about being kind to others, by a minister at the church to which we used to belong, in the Verdugo Hills of southern California. I texted my sister and spoke to my sister-in-law. I watched drips of water drip from the icicles. I watched sports contests played in imposssibly deep snow in implacably northern climates.

In the late afternoon, I drove to a very nearby shopping center. I wished to get a sandwich at Which Which. The roads were still imperfect, but were much improved. The Whichwhich was closed, so I went to Dickey's BBQ for the wonderful turkey plate. Then I went to Staples, less to shop than to walk around. I did see a little paper Christmas Village that one of my relatives will enjoy I stopped at Radio Shack for AA batteries and at Dollar Tree for no reason in particular.

Tonight I have been working on a used computer I got as a bargain on eBay, which I want to give to a sister-in-law. She wants to be more security-conscious, so I am setting her up with a linux system more resistant to viruses and invasions. I got the computer on eBay, but it came without a hard drive. I got a new hard drive on eBay, and am now installing it. While the installation looks right (and tallies with a "how to install" video I watched on Youtube), the system is not recognizing the hard drive. As I type this, I am running a lengthy self-diagnostic that HP provided with the computer. My hope is that this will repair the issue. I am encouraged that so far no error flags have appeared, during the basic first search or the first 60% of the comprehensive disk search. If I cannot sort this out, I will buy one used and cheaply on eBay and solve this HDD issue later.

I've packed my bag. We've arranged to have our dog and our house watched. The highway reports indicate that we will have 30 miles of difficult ice driving followed by 210 miles of clear sailing. We'll see. I am a bit relieved, in a way, to have been iced in. This was time I needed to rest.

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