Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

philo and ice

The precipitation ended, but the temperature stayed well below freezing. The streets re-froze, rendering them more impassable than yesterday. Folks reached out to extend condolences via facebook, e-mail, twitter and this journal, for which I am grateful. We spent today "hunkered down". In our back yard, birds rested on the fence. I saw house sparrows, mourning doves, mockingbirds and dark-eyed juncos.They congregated in little groups on the wooden fence, making a scene framed at bottom with icicles.

We stayed in most of the day. My wife called the florist. In the mid-afternoon, we got in our car to drive to the local theater. This movie house is usually a 7 minute drive.The heavy ice on the road, though,made the drive 30 minutes. We dined at a Subway sandwich shop. Then we saw the film "Philomena". A good number of folks attended the showing. Like us, they had glided and slid into the parking lot, like so many skaters in soft-soled shoes. The theater was a bit cool, so that I left on my winter coat as well as my Dollar Tree one dollar polyester gloves.

I liked "Philomena" better than I have liked any other movie this year. I recommend it highly. Last night we rented "Frances Ha". "Frances Ha" was all well and good, but a much lesser movie,yet another indie film about would-be creatives in the city. I was glad we dared the ice to see "Philomena", as its story held my interest and moved me.

The weather forecast predicts that sun and above-freezing temperatures return tomorrow. I hope so,so that our Monday travel will be smooth. The good news is that the ice appears to
wane just northeast of our metroplex, and the ice in Arkansas was confined to the upper 2/3 of the state. So I am optimistic that our trip will be relatively easy.

I know that the post office motto is along the lines of "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds", but
the mail has not come here for two days. On Friday, this was understandable,because the ice had welded the mailbox shut. Today, though, the box opens easily,but no mail has fed its hunger. I want the mail to arrive, as my holiday cards were mailed by the vendor last Friday but over a week later still are not here.

I thought today how my father and I will never again have one of the long phone calls we both enjoyed so well. That is how things strike me--not in huge waves but in small, palpable things.

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