Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the warm before the storm

Today the weather was very warm, and the skies were blue.Thursday night freezing rain is supposed to fall.I went to Travis Farm Park and took pictures of mockingbirds. I also saw a huge red-shouldered hawk in a tall tree. In the morning, I saw several savannah sparrows at Oak Point Park.

I worked a full day, and then left for home. Lots of people were pulled into the gas pumps at the Kroger near my home. They may have been wise, as tomorrow is supposed to be very cold.
I went into the Kroger, bought bananas, microwave popcorn, and string cheese. I am Winter-ready.

I spoke twice to my sister, who is handling stress admirably. I hope the ice storm turns out to be all hype, no storm, as I want to drive to Arkansas on Saturday. But right now the forecast does not favor my hopes.

I had a nightmare about high school last night. I am waiting for my holiday cards to arrive.
My dog loves popcorn. We're sorting out which Christmas Carol to attend.
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