Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

uncertain forecasts

Today the temperature crossed 70 (21.1 degrees C.). The Weather Channel app on my phone showed a "Special Weather Statement". I liked its forthrightness. It advised that heavy rain is coming, and that very cold temperatures are coming. The statement then admitted that it did not know if the temperature would be freezing when the rain was on. This leads to a fork in the road--one path leads to a frozen landscape, the other leads to cold but non-icy rain. I liked the way the statement pointed out that the primary forecast challenge was sorting out which situation was to transpire. We'll find out Friday.

I had lunch with a kind soul who is the Executive Director of the local arm of Big Brothers Big Sisters. She had reached out after noticing that I had been a Big Brother and a small donor. She provided me with lots of interesting information about how the organization works--a bit more 10,000 feet altitude than my prior hands-on-participant knowledge. I am taking a hiatus from serving as a Big Brother, but I will probably do the mentoring thing again. I was intrigued by the gender disparity among volunteers. Far more women volunteer to become Big Sisters than men volunteering to become Big Brothers. I was also intrigued with how many kids in the general population grow up with disadvantages---something one knows from the media, but stark statistical numbers make an impact. I made a small donation to the holiday gift card program, which I suppose counts as "giving Tuesday", though in fact I probably have not donated enough to that organization. I enjoyed hearing her discuss her 6 and 8 year old children. Christmas for her kids sounds like fun.

A fellow wrote me this evening to tell me he is planning to use my song "Kindergarten" in a Firefox O/S app. I hope that he completes it. Firefox O/S interests me.

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