Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

less cyber Monday

The day began slowly. My dog woke me, after, uncharacteristically, I did not wake myself at daybreak. I had fallen asleep early last night, so I must have needed the rest after the holiday weekend My sister called me early to talk about my father, who is ill. I made it to the office in good order and worked steadily.

The day was warm. At lunch I went to Breckinridge Park. At first my walk disclosed little avian activity. Then I stood under trees in which red-bellied woodpeckers flew. Soon after, I stood still while a banditry of Carolina chickadees flitted from branch to branch. They made me happy.

I finished Mary Robinette Kowal's "Shades of Milk and Honey", a 2010 novel written in the style of Jane Austen but with magic, which is, I believe, a bit more fitting if a little less absurdly funny than Jane Austen with zombies. I enjoyed this novel very much. I have a weakness for certain kinds of 19th Century literary forms which is so palpable as to almost be a strength. I also began Connie Willis' 1996 science fiction novella "Bellwether", which I am enjoying but really have just begun well.

I have been watching tech retailer sites for "great cyber-Monday deals", but in general I see little that fascinates me. My theory is that the mid-Summer clearance era is the best time to find huge mark-downs, though I have no empirical evidence. Lately, eBay is my favorite source of gadgets and computers. A gently used and lightly refurbished or last year's technology new item appeals to me more than a slightly-marked down hyped new item.

Because we arrived home too late for my Sunday meeting, I attended a Monday evening Weight Watchers meeting. I had gained 4/10ths of a pound. I had hoped to lose a little during the holiday weekend, but this result is still a huge win for the Thanksgiving season. I am now at 16.8 pounds lost since I resumed Weight Watchers at the end of May. I am likely to meet my goal of being 12 pounds or more ahead by year-end.

My in-laws were very encouraging, suggesting that I had already lost an impressive enough amount of weight to rest on my laurels. But I like to be at least 11 pounds lighter than I am now. That is a good goal for 2014: if I am able, I will try to lose 12 more pounds by year-end 2014.

The hazy warm weather of today is supposed to dissolve into an Arctic chill by Saturday. The forecast is uncertain as to whether we will have wintry precipitation. This variability is what I love about north Texas weather. It reminds me that nothing is ever static, never mind the illusion offered by an incomplete experience of time. I burned the microwave popcorn.

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