Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

someone else's reunion

Saturday night we went to my wife's high school reunion. She graduated 35 years ago. She attended a private school in Kansas City for all 12 grades. Her school friends are people she has known for roughly forever. I met many of them at past reunions. They are good eggs.

The gathering was not far from my wife's father's house, in the home owned by the Italian-American classmate who always serves up a nice buffet. In a weekend in which I have eaten enormously healthily, this was my one evening of downfall. I did have a brownie and a Rice Krispies treat, as well as small but meaningful helpings of little finger food entrees. I am not much for these finger food meals,but this one was pretty good. We'll see if indulging here cost me my holiday weight loss. In any event, I have survived the holidays unbloated.

It was fun to hear about people's lives--where they live, their kids, their jobs, who they have seen, what they have done. Lots of people stayed in Kansas City. Kansas City is one of those cities where people grow up there and stay there. Now that everyone is in their 50s, most rough edges and anxieties fade a bit, and everyone is just imperfect but largely unworried. I was impressed that so many retired teachers were (a) in attendance and (b) in sufficient health to be in attendance. They all called their French teacher "Madame...".
In events like this I am pretty much 97.975% wallflower. But it is nice to be wallpaper, a kind of gentle daffodil pattern. I drank my diet cokes and largely drank in folks' stories--a trip to Machu Piccu here, raising 12 year old triplets there, and over there, memories of folks who remember their grandparents' outdoor rural plumbing.

We fly back home this morning. The temperature at home will be much warmer, though it was pleasant enough, if a bit chilly, here. Yesterday afternoon we walked in Mission Hills Kansas in the waning sun,where my wife saw and pointed out to me a robin in a bare tree,
all red breast and shadows.

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