Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

after the stormy

I love the days before Thanksgiving. I worked hard. I traded texts with my sister about my dad. I saw an eastern phoebe in the cold. Throwing the stuffed schnauzer for my dog. I ate a teriyaki chicken sandwich for lunch, and pho ga' for dinner. I donated to a crowdfund for a podcast about moms in tech.

I finished Nathan Lowell's sci-fi novel "Captain's Share", one of a series of novels about a future space merchant marine--two parts Hornblower/O'Brian naval novel, one part early era Heinlein, and one part Horatio Alger, with a little pleasing light folk wisdom thrown in and all the needless violence left out. I really enjoyed that one, and wait for the e-publication of the last novel in this series, "Owner's Share". The novel series began as a DIY podcast,and it makes for fun reading. I ordered a copy of the next Kjell Eriksson novel from the Anne Lindell series, but it will not be out until April. I will find a good novel to read over Thanksgiving.

I ordered a holiday card based on one of my photos, as well as "no message" cards with another photo, to use for "thank you" and other quick note times. I believe in snail mail, and do not mail enough things. I am thinking about turkey, chilly weather, a puppy on the news named Stormy, and waning days.

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