Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

not sleet but rain

american kestrel, rainy, cold day

The arctic front promised for days did not bring the forecast sleet. Instead, it brought rain.
A few trees had ice crystals in them, but the drive to work was basically clear. I felt a bit of relief, but also a lot of childhood-inspired nostalgia for snow forecasts that melted, like snow-people, leaving school days intact.

I tried to watch the new TV series Almost Human tonight, but a hostage situations with lots of killings sent me to tamer fare in short order. Despite the lack of winter weather, I am sitting in a mildly chilly house. Mere snow flurries are predicted tonight. I love November, and Thanksgiving, and the alternation of warm days and cold days. I got my lab work back from my physical already--everything was good. I am glad that this Thanksgiving appears health-challenge-free.

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