Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A free evening

My business trip got postponed for a while, which equates to having an evening I expected to be in the air turn into an evening which I get to spend resting at home. The weather here has turned very cool and mildly rainy. Last night, I was listening to the NPR radio show "Selected Shorts", which was a reading of a short story by Canadian writer Alice Munro (except I can never remember whether it is Munro or Monroe). The pivotal point in the storm was a huge windy rainstorm. During the exact moment that this portion of the story was being read, I was driving in the countryside to the north of our home, near the quiet town of Weston. We had an awe-inspiring thunderstorm, the kind of deep gray skies and rousting winds that is part of what makes Texas famous. As the characters in the story had their epiphany, a few telephone poles ahead of me had theirs--the local constabulary had to block off the highway, because the poles were at 45 degree angles. I drive a huge, clunky Ford sedan, but the wind had me wavering as if I were in my Geo Metro. Fortunately, I made it home without incident, and the weather abated.

It now looks as though we'll head up to see my parents in Arkansas this weekend rather than take a trip. I'll have to redefine the list of 'cool things to see in October' to a 'cool things to see in November' trip. I got an ebay purchase in the mail today--my personal theory is that ebay is perfect for finding things nobody else would think to want. This one was an old book I had loved as a kid, but could no longer find in my parents' home. This one was from the old Addams family TV series. I particularly liked the one about the family poet--she had seemed a really sweet writer, until you realized you were supposed to read only some of the words.

My poetry book is not selling on this ebay auction, which suggests to me its mercantile days may be over. I am running the derogatory copy which oftens sells it. I suppose I will try the pretentious copy, and if that doesn't work, see it more as a donation item than as a sale item. At least until I get bored enough to try it again.

But now I've got to see if the kid with the bad attitude on Everwood ever acquires a good attitude.

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