Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

panda and plants

I spent lunchtime looking at an American kestrel and then eating at Panda Express. The weather was warm, but Autumn warm with a nip in the air. The trees this week are showing lots of Fall color.I learned my trees in 9th grade shop class, but am now very imperfect at identifying species.

An automated recording called this evening to remind me of a doctor's appointment Friday afternoon. I got an e mail from a fellow who advises that two of my songs are in a DVD about "Carnivorous Plants". He originally was trying to show me a trailer on Youtube, but the trailer does not contain my music. But the DVD apparently does contain it.

I like carnivorous plants, My favorite is the sundew. My dog gave my shin a tongue bath. My favorite entree at Panda Express is either chicken with broccoli or teriyaki chicken. I am thinking about cyanogen mod. My favorite fruit is the banana. Last night on the radio I heard a woman from New Zealand describe bicycle riding in Patagonia. Cold weather returns on Friday.

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