Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

warm november day

The day was warmish and pleasant today. I went to Breckinridge Park at lunch and saw bluebirds and yellow-rumped warblers. I had been tempted to go to an auction site in Mesquite to look at some equipment being auctioned tomorrow. But I decided that the day was too pretty for auctions. I like being on the mailing list of an auction company--a bit like live eBay, though I never go to the auctions. I decided to go to the bird walk tomorrow at Lake Ray Roberts--not least because someone spotted a bald eagle there last week.

We went to Umeka tonight in Plano for sushi. We watched re-runs of "Modern Family", including the episode with the priceless Leslie Mann scene. Now we are watching Hugh Jackman in "Oklahoma".

Tonight the sports team for the high school I attended for grades 9 and 10 are in the play-offs. I have not yet heard the final score. The team name is the Gurdon Go Devils. A go devil is a woodland bit of equipment for logging. I played football in 9th grade and earned a junior high team letter jacket (mostly on special teams). I started at center during the big final game with Nashville, in which our junior high team won the championship, 7 to 6. The regular center had a hurt back,but came in to snap punts and extra points. I was not good at long-snapping. But when our team scored the extra point, the other fellow did not run on-field. I ended up snapping the extra point. By a miracle, it went end-over-end into the holder's hand. The kicker kicked the winning extra point. It was a close thing. We won.

I gave up football for grade 10 through 12,because, really, I was not very good at it. I never regretted giving it up. I wish, in fact, that I had fulfilled my mother's ambition for me by playing in the marching band. My mother was a state champion marimba player who had even had a small town radio show with an ensemble of she and her friends. But it was nice in grades 10 through 12 to have my free time.

This morning I rose early and followed the moves in game 5 of the World Championship. Both the reigning champion Anand and the impressive challenger Carlsen seem like good guys and great players. I hope Carlsen wins. Today I saw Carlsen had a slight advantage and was pleased to see later in my workday that Carlsen won. It's a good match.

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