Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Kiwi radio

Today I set up my cell phone ServeStream app on Radio New Zealand and played it through my car stereo as I drove to work. The station first played a human interest story about a sommelier and sound artist. She conducted wine tastings in which she would play two different pieces as she served each wine. The pieces ranged widely across a range of musical styles, while the wines were slightly less adventurous but also diverse. The attendees were interviewed about the wines and music they liked, and the different experience of taste each music brought. The whole thing was a bit more fruity than dry, with a curious boysenberry bouquet.

Then the station played a bit of world music with a woman who sang in what I believe to have been Maori, followed by a woman who sang lilting pop with a Kate Bush/Cocteau Twins influence, followed by Lou Reed singing "Perfect Day" and then a band called the Jayhawks.

My commute was over before the pro and con debate of pessimists v. optimists. I like Radio New Zealand. I want to find more fun streams to add to my current beginning:
2.'s program Drone Zone and
3. Radio New Zealand.

When I was a boy, I quite enjoyed shortwave programs from Radio Copenhagen. Perhaps that is next to add.

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