Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

calling a bluff

I am enjoying the Android app Servestream, a FOSS app that simply imports streams from netradio for easy replay. Tonight I also downloaded VLC from the f-droid repository. My sister texted me that my father is doing a bit better.

I also enjoyed the wintry weather today. The morning began a bit below freezing. I got out my winter coat and gloves.By mid-day, the weather was up to 49 degrees (a little under 10 degrees C.). I drove to Travis Farm Park in Murphy. where I took photos of a mockingbird perched on a tree.

Today a local former professional sports player, Sam Hurd, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for dealing drugs. It's a bit sad to see someone fall so meteorically. I cannot understand the choice to do illegal things when one has a job providing lots of material comforts, but sadly, Mr. Hurd is not alone in this. I remember former Arkansas Supreme Court justice Webb Hubbell, a partner in a top Little Rock law firm who lost everything because he had claimed purely personal expenses as client expenses.

The news tonight is alive with the antics of speaker Justin Lookado, a religious entertainer who gave a sexist "motivational speech" presenting alleged relationship advice to high school kids at a local school assembly. I get bored of the needless perpetuation of gender stereotypes disguised as "advice". This kind of non-subtle effort to put "messages" into the public schools reminds me of the oil lobbyists who once came to speak to my high school in the 1970s about how the skyrocketing price of oil had nothing to do with oil company profits. They gave a suitably green talk about how we should all car pool to conserve gas. Someone in the audience asked them if the four of them had car pooled during the 80 mile drive from Little Rock. None had, of course. The other audience questions were equally incisive. The principal was irritated with the kids. He was a good principal, but he was wrong--and the skeptical kids were right.

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