Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


I loaded the f-droid repository onto my cell phone today. The f-droid is a "apps marketplace" of FOSS (open source) android software apps. The installation took but a moment from the website, once I gave my phone permission to install from without the play store.
The choice of apps was sufficiently large that I may install f-droid on a cheap tablet and
try to create a near-pure FOSS Android experience. I am not doctrinaire about free and open source software, but it's interesting to try new things.

I had to de-install and re-install Firefox at work. I had relucantly taken on some software to try to save a charge to download from a shared file service. The adware that loaded was largely easy to unhook,but one kept hiding in Firefox extensions I could not root out. The de-install and re-install seems to have done the trick. That teaches me not to say $ 9.99 in the future.

On the subject of Android, I am surprised someone does not fork the word processing program abiword into an Android version. That could make an Android desk-top more feasible.

Tonight was home-made hamburgers and fresh carrots.

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