Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Coleman Park and round trip home

Saturday my wife and I hopped in the car and drove up to my father's home in Arkansas. My father has been ill, causing us to visit often lately. We arrived around lunchtime, and took my father's wife's daughter to lunch at Subway Sandwiches. My father's wife's daughter went to high school with me,though we did not know each other well then. She's a nice person, who
has some challenges due to a stroke she suffered several years ago. We enjoyed getting together with her.

Then we went over to my father's home. I enjoyed visiting with my Dad, whose sense of humour remains keen. My sister, five years my junior, was also there. It's always good to see her, too, as well as my father's wife. I stayed with my father for a few hours. At some point, my wife, my father's wife, and my sister went to a book signing. The author signing the books was a retired doctor who had gone to medical school with my father, and later was one of my father's partners. Now he writes novellas. I find that in small towns, people are often writing novellas and having book signings, unlike in cities where this is something out of the ordinary. His book signing was at a local garden center.

We only stayed the afternoon,because to stay longer would be tiring for my father. Then we hit the road. First we went to the Riverfront Park on the Ouachita River in my father's home town of Camden, Arkansas. The weather was warmish but the day was overcast. We walked for less than twenty minutes, far less than I like to walk on a Saturday. Then we hit the highway home.
When we reached Texarkana, we pronounced ourselves done. We ate pasta at a very ordinary Carina's Italian chain place. Then we rented a room at the Courtyard by Marriott.

Sunday morning we rose, got oatmeal at McDonald's, and drove the last three hours of the way home. We stopped in Sulpur Springs at a park called Coleman Park. This park has really nice walking trails. We walked around a small lake. We saw three huge great blue herons, a large hawk, a downy woodpecker and ducks and cormorants. The weather was lovely.

We made it back home just in time for me to go to Weight Watchers.I had gained 2.2 pounds, which sends me back to 14 pounds lost. This was expected due to the modest amount of exercise I got on Saturday. After Weight Watchers, I had lunch at Boston Market and then went for a walk at Oak Point Park in Plano. The weather there was perfect. No wind. Temperature in the high 60s F. (~18 degrees C.). I saw a great blue heron, an eastern bluebird, a yellow-bellied sapsucker, mallard ducks, an American kestrel, and downy and red-bellied woodpeckers.Then I cam home and took Beatrice for a walk, where we saw mockingbirds and European starlings.

Sunday night I watched the local sports team get crushed by an opposing sports team. An eBay seller wrote me to say "I dropped the monitor and cracked the screen" and issued a prompt refund. I downloaded a new bit of light sci-fi for my e-reader.

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