Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Election Day 4 Minute Jam

I arrived at my polling place at 8:11 a.m. I was the only voter present. I had wondered if the new, ill-advised voter ID law would delay me. The processing was quick, but my ID matched my registration. Had there been a hundred voters and some ID mismatches, the situation might have been different. So my isolated case is of limited virtue as an example. But I was glad to vote and be back on my way in four minutes.

I also picked up my shirts from the dry cleaners, averting fashion disaster. I even stopped by Oak Point Park and Breckinridge Park on my way to work, to see what I could see from my car.

At Oak Point Park, I saw a kestrel. At Breckinridge Park, I saw four kestrels, a number of eastern bluebirds and the first yellow-rumped warbler I have seen this year. I like the way a rainy day makes the colors pop.

eastern bluebird breckinridge park, richardson, texas

Heavy rain fell today. It was Heaven. I had a good, suitably busy workday. When I have a telephonic hearing on a rainy day, I always worry that the connection will not work right. But things worked out fine today.

When I first arrived home, I threw B's blue bear toy which she delightedly chased.

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