Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Heterodox by necessity, orthodox by inclination, paradox by any measure

I started my morning driving to a hiking park northeast of our home, when suddenly I saw that irresistible sign--50+ family yard sale, this way. It turned out that the entire town of New Hope Texas, population 524 (the 4, by the way, was lettered in with a temporary adhesive letter--a recent addition, or pessimism?) has a giant yard sale in each individual yard the first Friday and Saturday of October. I could not resist. I did not make all 50x plus sales, but I did see a good dozen or so. At the first house I stopped at, on the side road to the back road to the cutoff off the main drag, the owner came to greet me, 13 month old in hand.
As he was trying to convince me gently to buy a CD stereo on sale for 10 dollars, he told me that it had been in his darkroom and he had not had time to repair the cassette deck in it. When I complimented his attractive little boy's look, he told me that the boy had just finished modeling in the Dillard's catalog, was registered with a Dallas modeling agency, and already had two JC Penney's catalogs under his belt. In short, I was speaking with the Heidi Klum of the 13 month old set, albeit a teething Heidi Klum. I wondered at how 40 miles north of Dallas in a town that makes smallsville look bigsville, they got the notion that this kid could work as a model, but then I realized that Ronald Reagan successfully convinced himself he could be president, and realized that small towns have their magic. Another home had on sale a number of bohemian products, including a new left critique of Lenin, and I realized I was at the local "60s marxist run to rural ground" area. I do not believe they were SLA refugees, though--the female member of the male/female couple said that they loved living among the "little villages" roundabout, so I decided they wished they were in Yorkshire, but had to settle for Texas.
I kept my purchases down below the 3 dollar level, and went home to get ready for our trip 60 miles south to the Maypearl, Texas area near Waxahachie. One of my wife's cool co-workers and her spousal unit had built a new home by a creek in a semi-rural area.
It was a marvelous home, on a HUGE lot, lots of nature all around, and we enjoyed the little open house get together they had thrown. My wife works with nice people. I could live in small town Texas, but I would miss the restaurants and bookstores in the city. But my "Green Acres" streak was activated.

Meanwhile I am puzzling over problems of faith and pragmatics, to little result. I find it difficult but fascinating to be orthodox by inclination, but utterly heterodox in all matters of faith and unbelief by practice and profession. I find faith a simple path to follow--if it weren't so dark outside!

Tomorrow I need more exercise, more rest, and fewer heart palpitating overtime losses by the Razorbacks.

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