Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

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I took Beatrice for a morning walk in chilly, cloudy weather. She said "hi" to a little lhasa apso. We saw lots of mockingbirds.

Beatrice and I visited her vet today. Her weight was a bit down, she got her shots renewed,and
her wellness examination went well. She has been scratching her ears, which was diagnosed as a
bacterial infection for which we got ear medicine. Beatrice was well-behaved despite the stressors. I credit in significant part the vet tech and the vet, who were gentle and pleasant.

At 12:30 p.m., I got a call that led me to conclude that I should take a day trip to Arkansas tomorrow. So I sat down and finished my song. That took less than an hour--I did not have time to worry about choices, but went with the choices I knew would work. It's a quiet, melodic song with a whirr and burr percussive background, a bit like my song "Sawmill". "Sawmill" is regularly re-used in videos but I do not know if this one will be re-used. I must think of a new title, because its current title is similar to a title I used for a earlier song.

I pumped up the tires on my bicycle, put on my helmet, and put my camera and binoculars in a backpack. I rode from my house through neighoring Glendover Park to Green Park. I saw a lot of young mockingbirds congregating there. I rode on Comanche to Dayspring Nature Preserve, where I saw blue jays. I then rode on the Watters Creek Trail to Ridgeview. I was impressed how trees near Watters Creek were showing surprisingly good Autumn color. I think of that as a November thing. We usually only get much color when we have a cold September, which did not happen this year.

I drove to Whichwhich sandwich and had a turkey with lettuce, sauerkraut, pickles and provolone. I stopped in the nearby Best Buy near Custer in McKinney, only to find it was going out of business. The "closing sale" trumpeted "25% off" display items, but then the multiplicand was not the recent sale price but a higher price [perhaps list]. It was not a sale. Best Buy has lots of nearby stores. The one in nearby Plano does great guns of business--Plano is a tech-oriented town. But this one was perhaps one too many. I prefer Fry's and Micro Center to Best Buy, but I am still sorry that the store is closing.

My wife and I dined at the Thai Cafe not far from our home. I had a great chicken with broccoli. After we arrived home, the cloudburst began. We need the rain, so it is welcome.
I arise early tomorrow and hit the road for the day trip to Arkansas.

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