Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

chat and list

I had a great chat with my sister tonight. She is five years my junior. In some ways, we are very similar, and in some ways we are completely dissimilar. I like her. Her family lives in Alabama,but her work lets her travel frequently. Her kids are 17 and 20, which makes me feel older than 21.

The weather today was heavenly. A very mild cool front moved in, but it was in the 70s when I left work. Texas October and Texas April are both wonderful things.

Recently, the zoom on my Kodak 30x zoom point and shoot failed to function. I read up on how to fix it, and though I have not given up hope, the best advice was "buy a new one". So I watched eBay and ultimately bargained with a fellow via "best offer" to get a good price on a 42x zoom Fuji. I used it today in the park. The 12x extra zoom makes a big difference. I wish I could have gotten some hawk photos, as they were out in force today, but a bluebird worked out fine.

I sat down this morning to write the eBay ad for my old HP desktop computer. I liked looking up its history. It dates to 2005. Someday soon I will find the journal entry from when I bought it. It has run very well since I put a lightweight Linux operating system on it. This morning I was browsing eBay ads for new desktop computers. It was amazing how many computers were available under 200 dollars--"new in box" but older technology units, curious (and appealing) small form factor and offbeat units, and other fascinating machines. We'll see if my computer, with its card reader and DVD drive but lackluster specs, will compete. First,though, I must finish the ad. I took photos this morning, and did a lot of drafting of the ad this morning. I just need to finish it and hit "post".

I am hankering for a bicycle ride this weekend.

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