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I had a good day at work today. During the noon hour, I walked in Breckinridge Park. I saw lots of eastern bluebirds. After work, I picked up a sandwich and then drove to the Heard Natural Science Center. I had a good telephone call with my dad until the 7 p.m. meeting time arrived.

The Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society was having its monthly meeting.I did not take an exact count, but more than 50 people must have been there. The program began with a teaching session on raptors, with lots of preserved specimens. Then the meeting began, and members described an effort to keep a rock concert in Plano from ruining the small prairie segment at Oak Point Park. One member was leading a birding tour to Jamaica next April. A lot of upcoming local free bird walks were upcoming.

The speaker was a professor at Austin College. He told us all about raptors, with a great photos on a huge screen. I learned a lot. I knew a bit about raptors, and did not learn everything. But I can identify more now than when he began speaking. I loved learning about ospreys and merlins and eagles and kites.

When I got home, my wife and I enjoyed a TV show I never watch, "Chicago Fire". My dog and I shared a fairly bland unsalted package of organic microwave popcorn. The nightly news featured a story about toxic dog treats from China, with a vet offering the sadly wise advice never to eat packaged foods from China until its food safety standards regulation improves.

eastern bluebird breckinridge park october 22 2013

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