Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

wi-fi and grebes

I drove to Sister Grove Park and hiked around a bit. I saw slow-flying migrating monarch butterflies. I stopped in the highway median on Highway 380, so that I could watch the white pelicans in the very shallow water where the drought has been devastating. The pelicans like the shallows.This is the second Sunday in a row they have been there. They will head on south soon. They live interesting lives.Summer in the Dakotas and Canada and winter in a tropical climate.

I drove to Southlake Park in Farmersville, where pied-billed grebes swam on the lake. I got a picture of one who looked as if he was pondering something politically offensive he read on Facebook.
The lake was down, nearly empty, and clear as a bell.

My Weight Watchers meeting showed I had gained 3.8 pounds in two weeks. I wish I could report a chocolate debaucherie, but in fact I did not exercise enough, and perhaps ate a few too many apples. Fruit is supposed to be "free" on Weight Watchers, but in fact too much fruit like too much anything can be an issue. So this time I moved backward a step.

I do not worry about such things. I always am successful in a x steps forward, y steps back way, with x a larger number than y over time. I am now down 9.8 since I went back in May, so I have 2.2 to have off by 12/31 to hit my personal first goal.

I listened to the local sports team win a game on radio. I believe that football is more satisfying over the radio than on television. I stopped by Fry's Electronics, and using my phone as a smart computer to search out Linux compatiability, with the help of a patient young man, I bought a wireless USB adapter. I went home and it worked like a charm. I installed some packages on the new Peppermint O/S install I did on an older computer--VLC (music and video), abiword (word processing) and gnumeric, as well as confirming that flash was installed. Now I am ready to try to eBay off this older computer. It runs pretty darn well though it is not (and, if I recall, never was) a speed demon. Peppermint O/S was a good choice for its operating system. I wonder if anyone will buy an old desktop with a new lease on life. We'll see, but it feels good to have it back in use at a cost of an hour or two of time and a 12 dollar wi-fi adapter.

I took Beatrice for a walk this afternoon. We only saw mallards and a grebe, but it was still a fun walk.

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