Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A Kettle of Vultures

I left for lunch at noon. I stopped at Travis Farm Park in Murphy. I took photos of a mockingbird and of a female cardinal. A huge flock of migrating vultures flew overhead.
I did not know that vultures migrated,because our local birds are year-round. But I read that northern turkey vultures fly over here on their way south. There were hundreds of them overhead, hovering below dark storm clouds.I could not get a good picture.

The temperature fell during that lunch hour from 88 degrees F. (31.1 degrees C) to 73 degrees F. (23 degrees C.). When I left work, it had fallen to 59 degrees F.(15 degrees C.). This is the kind of October cold front I really enjoy.

northern mockingbird at murphy farm park october 15 2013

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