Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

muddy bugzillas in a bowl of vermicelli soup

Today at noon I walked at Muddy Creek Nature Preserve in Sachse.This sidewalk path runs through woods. I took a couple of good photos of a morning dove. The park has another nearby outlet in the adjoining town of Wylie, where I saw ruby-crowned kinglets, but could not get a picture.

We have house sparrows in our back yard. They live in little holly bushes behind our house.
They are duly energetic, and only a little shy.

Tonight I sorted out a problem I was having with Fedora. Yum extender, the package manager (i.e., program installer) for the lxde 19 version of Fedora Linux, was failing to load packages from one of the software repositories [rpmfusion-non-free]. This puzzled me on what to do because installs just "broke" and the system told me that "keys" had not been installed. I signed up for Fedora's bugzilla report system to try to report the bug.First I tried to sort out the issue, though, reading up in the materials.

Then I decided to install the problematic updates from the command line [LX terminal]. I told the system to install the package update in question [virtual box]. The terminal line asked me to confirm my GPG key and then worked.This not only solved the install problem at hand,but it also solved the problem with yum extender.The package installer now works again. It felt good to sort out how to solve this problem on my own.

Tonight my wife had a hair appointment,so I went to Pho Que Hoang in Plano and had a pho ga'with shrimp spring rolls. Now we are watching "Nashville" and enjoying the soap.

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