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oh make me over....

Today I did find time at lunch to go to the South Garland branch library for the used book sale. I decided to make this one a sort of inner contest with myself. I love that British show where they let 2 couples buy a bunch of flea markety stuff and then auction it at antique sales. The couples nearly uniformly overspend on the wrong things, and then get the oddest bang for their buck from the right things. The whole proceeding is presided over by an urbane man who seems well qualified to sell Yugos. So I decided to set myself a task. I bought a bunch of hardcover books, softcover books and ten cent sheet music. I spent the grand sum of 7 dollars and 10 cents on the treasure trove. The sale-able portions will now be placed on ebay. Just like in the show, I'm going to see if I can "make money at auction". I didn't even get
any prison-cell bird cages or wicker pillow fluffers or anything really absurd. Sunday I'll put my "finds" on auction, and we'll see if I'm able to turn a profit, or if instead I'm one of those odd couples from Ealing who couldn't make ten pounds grow even if they were deposited in the Bank of England. I'm pretty sure I'm a shoo-in for a 2 dollar profit, because I know the chess book alone will bring in 4, and the sheet music should bring in 1 dollar per song. But we'll see. I'll omit the junior high reader on Nebraska from the auction. Nebraska, I've always joked, is the center of the universe--because as with all good entropy, everyone I meet is coming from there, not going to there. I want to visit Nebraska, which I think may be my spiritual prairie home. I may never find out--but I do have the book now.

I skipped lunch to shop books and then spent SIX hours in a long meeting, essentially ending my Friday night. Monday night I must fly to southern West Virginia. Life is exciting, I suppose, but it is sure a busy exciting. But tomorrow we see friends at this Waxahachie thing, and that's cool. Waxa is only 30 miles south of Dallas, but it could be a universe away. I'm looking forward to a little Texas woodland and homes that don't look slice and bake.

I found 2 for 5 dollar throwaway cameras at the dollar store. Time to postcardx to my heart's content, not to mention making a piece of butterfly art for that mail art deal.

If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do, is to save every moment away and then post it on ebay for a dollar or two...
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