Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

open shots

Last night I finished a music video for a friend's ambient music piece. The video was five and a half minutes long. I used the Linux tool Open Shot Video to create the video. I like Open Shot Video because its video editor is simple and intuitive to use. Like Windows Movie Maker, it de-emphasizes multiple features and emphasizes ease of use. But Open Shot Video handles far more formats than does Windows Movie Maker. It is perhaps a bit less stable, a little more prone to crash. But I like it as a video creation tool.

I had made a short animated sequence and shot live footage over the past few weeks, which I put together to make the film. When it was done, I sent it to my friend via
The upload took over 3 hours. Though to my eye the video is rough and lo-fi, the recipient liked it and posted it.

Today the cold front is moving in. I must decide which hike I wish to take.I read on the internet about Woody Allen and now talking heads on CNN are talking about the shutdown.

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