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bluebird fedora screenshot on desktop september 29 2013

My dog Beatrice loves her morning walk.

Today I tackled my desktop computer. I have had Windows XP installed on it for four years.
In the past several months, this computer has been experiencing problems. I had to do rebuilds of Windows because it was prone to crashes.

Because I do most of my personal computing on an inexpensive used laptop running Fedora 19,
I have grown fond of using Fedora. So I decided to replace Windows XP on my desktop. First I
moved everything I wanted to keep from my internal hard drive to my external hard drive--lots of netlabel music, some photos and videos, and some obscure programs I might want to have if I ever set up a windows system again. I was intrigued that I had 36 GB of netlabel music on that hard drive, which seems like a lot but is modest by the standards of digital collections. My external hard drive has more, but still not the endless terabytes of the collector.

Once I had migrated the files, the install took just twenty minutes or so. Though the desktop computer has a dual core 2.4 Ghz CPU with ample RAM, I elected to load the lighter weight LXDE.

I did encounter one issue. Though Linux is usually plug n play with peripherals (a decided change from an earlier era, when drivers could be hit and miss), the wi-fi card on the desktop was not recognized. I looked up how to download the right drivers from the manufacturer's site. But even after I downloaded them, the instructions to install them
did not avail me.

I left to go to Weight Watchers. On my way, I walked for half an hour on the Bluebonnet Trail in Plano. I saw monarch butterflies flitting among goldenrod plants.

I learned at Weight Watchers that I had lost three pounds. This brings me up to 13 pounds lost since I returned to Weight Watchers in May. This exceeds the 12 pounds I had set myself to lose by year end. Now I will up my goal by five pounds and aim for 17 by year end. Perhaps in 2014 I can tackle ten or fifteen more.

After Weight Watchers, I stopped at Fry's Electronics in Plano. I had looked up on my smart phone an article on wi-fi cards that ran well with Linux. Fry's had one on sale for 10 dollars. I could have ordered one for half that price from China on eBay, but I decided to go with the name brand. I had a sandwich at Subway. I drove to Lake Lavon, where I saw an eastern phoebe.

I drove home. When I got home, the new wi-fi USB ran like a charm.I went to the Fedora software repositories, and began downloading the software packages I like to use. I will want to do some further tweaking--perhaps switch out the mouse--but I am glad to get the conversion done. Contrary to my expectation, the wi-fi is better now than before. I was pleased that the new system recognized the external hard drive, mouse and keyboard so easily, and wish I had been better with the command line instructions for the
drivers from the original wi-fi network card. I created the pictured wallpaper for my screen.

Both the sports teams I follow lost their games this week, but both played creditably.
Now I am watching "foyle's war" on PBS and winding down the day.

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