Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cartoons are a lot of work

Saturday and Sunday I worked on a pivot stickfigure animation for a music video for a friend's song. After about 4 hours of effort, I got about 2 minutes of material. I will either create 3 and a half more minutes, or use live footage for the rest. I enjoy pivot stickfigure, but frame by frame 2D animation on even that user-friendly tool is time consuming. I like that once I have an idea, the vignette arising from the idea pretty much makes itself.

Saturday I walked around Towne Lake in McKinney. I mostly saw turtles. Sunday afternoon I walked on the Spring Creek Trail. I saw an armadillo and a water snake.

My Weight Watchers weight was up a bit. I am now at 10 pounds lost since May. I want to get to 12 or more by year-end, so I am on track, assuming a healthy holiday season.
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