Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

my life by the numbers

Cool, rainy weather today. September arrived at last. I drove in Breckinridge Park and took photos of scissortailed-flycatchers at lunch. After work, I took pictures of a green heron at Oak Point Park. We ate at Pho is for Lovers here in Allen. I had a chicken pho and shrimp Summer rolls. Tonight I watched a sports contest on television.

I saw on twitter that tomorrow is the ACT examination, a high school standardized test used by universities (mostly in the American south) to determine admissions and financial aid. I took the ACT and its cousin the SAT when I was a teen. They made little difference in my life. I went to a university that was completely undemanding about admissions standards. But I still remember my scores on those exams, on the GRE, and on the LSAT.

Tomorrow the temperature is only supposed to get up to 84 or so. I am going to enjoy this cool front.
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