Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

by the dawn's frosty light

My life runs by simple formulae:

Root beer after 7 p.m. = insomnia
Lack of raisin bran before 9 a.m. = odd hunger craving throughout day
Exercise < 3 times a week = sedentary feeling
One good novel + three good TV programs per week = contentment

Given that these correlations are the case, one might imagine I'm a pretty simple equation to solve. But I keep adding it up a little off.

My ebay auctions are going reasonably well. My chess books seem to sell. Those Joseph O'Brian naval sagas, which used to fly off ebay, are not moving off quickly for me. I put my little bad poetry book back up on auction. I had pulled it in early summer after its usual "sells a majority of times" had diminished to "sells one in 3 times". So far, I've sold several dozen of the books, and maybe it's day is done. But the closer one gets to Christmas, the better sales go.

Of course, the problem with ebay is the buy side. Today I ran the search term "kazoo" through the search engine, and moments later I was the proud owner of a cigar-shaped vintage kazoo. I have now several dozen kazoos, so I don't quite see myself playing this one. It's still in its original wrapper. But maybe I'll save it for a day when I can realize immense value from its incredible collectible nature--why, someday it might be worth upwards of 3 times the 50 cents I paid to buy it.

Last night's bar association talk by the district judges was very good. I really enjoy listening to judges speak.
It's nice to live in a county where cases do go to trial, and where the results usually make sense.

Today I want to get a lot done, and then I want to take off my weekend, and just enjoy. But I'll get more done in my office than I will here at home, typing an LJ post.

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