Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

zombie mom

Yesterday morning, I had a dream in which my late mother appeared. I was in my old office, on Centerville Road, on the telephone. My mother, looking about aged 50, walked in with a couple of papers in hand, as if she were bringing them to me. My dreams usually have a post-impressionist, Gauguin quality to them, as if everything were a bit hazy. But my mother was crisply defined, in a more Edward Hopper or filmic fashion. She was real. I told the person on the phone that here was my mom. I said, with a bit of irony, that I was eager to hear how she could be back when she had died. My mother began the first words to explain, when, in the non-dream world, my wife said "Bob! Wake up. You're having a nightmare". I missed the chance to hear my mom's zombie explanation. I was a little disappointed. Apparently, I had been mumbling out loud.

After work yesterday, I went to Oak Point Park. Scissor-tailed flycatchers were dive-bombing the little lake, scooping up insects. I was unable to get a good dive-bomb photo. I took several photos of a green heron who was fishing in a shallow area. We watched a Jean Arthur movie on television.

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