Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


Now they've added a 6 a.m. Buffy re-run to complement the 7 a.m. Buffy re-run. Enterprise is off to a swimming start this season, and ER is surprisingly rejuvenated. The new Buffy season seems quite interesting indeed, and Angel's season starts soon. Law and Order and NYPD Blue both show real promise, despite their advanced years. They seem to have gotten people on Animal Planet besides that charming Austro-American couple who keep fondling snakes and lizards. I admit it--I love the new television season, and my weekday evenings become absorbed with "what I am to watch now?". The shows are all daemons, ready to divert my attention, but I don't mind a bit of foolish consistency, provided the episodes are new. I'm still amazed, parenthetically, that Shannen Doherty would leave Charmed (and yet so pleased with Rose McGowan),
surprised that Smallville's plots still seem fresh, saddened that Jill Hennessey could be upstaged by David Caruso (note to Crossing Jordan writers: low rent Hannibal Lector subplots do not dramatic tension provide--small quirky, character-driven shows should be, well, quirky and character-driven). I wish that the cast of Everwood were just one smidgen less earnest, and that damn Dawson's Creek didn't always conflict with something I like better.
Oh, and Felicity, I never thought I'd admit it, but I miss you....

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