Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

life lesson, repeat move

I got to my office Tuesday at 8 a.m. and worked productively all day. During my lunch hour, I took pictures of bluebirds. On the drive home after work, I
took pictures of kingbirds, a killdeer, and a red-tailed hawk. I puzzled over the red-tailed hawk back at home, to see if it was a red-tailed hawk or an immature female northern harrier. I settled on the former.

I made a bad chess move in a postal chess game. It happened like this. One of my opponents thinks it's good etiquette to send me e-mail reminders to move, though I am not beyond the time control. I think this is poor etiquette, but I have not sat down with the rules to sort it out. In the old postcard days, repeat moves were good etiquette,so I have to make sure that I am correct that such repeat moves are no longer appropriate in webserver postal chess. In any event, the repeat move had the intended effect of making me drop everything and rush to make all my postal chess moves. One move I made in an otherwise roughly even position cost me an exchange. I saw the problem literally 2 seconds after I made the move. This is a good lesson for me: "Slow down and don't get rattled".

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