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First thing this morning I drove to Fry's Electronics. I picked up a 64 GB flash drive and a 500 GB external hard drive, both of which were on sale. I could find a better price on eBay, but apparently drives on eBay sometimes are not as represented. Flash drives in particular are falling in price like a rock. I will be glad when 128 GB is available for less than 20 dollars, as flash drives are more fun for me to use than hard drives.

I stopped by Breckinridge Park prior to going to work. I saw lots of bluebirds enjoying the warm, rainy day. I did not get good pictures, because I did not have my ultra-zoom camera.

From a bit after 9 to 11:40something, I worked. I got a lot done. I then adjourned and drove home. Soon I was on the road to Grapevine. I stopped to lunch at a Subway. Then I drove to my destination.

I met Matt through ccMixter. Like me, he uses Linux and wants to make music using Linux.
We decided to get together and try to learn the software a bit better. He had a great set-up, with a synthesizer and a Microphone hooked up to a computer running Ubuntu Studio. When I arrived, he was just finishing sorting out how to use Rosegarden with his MIDI keyboard.
While I was there, he tried to get Ardour 3 going, but the Jack connections went awry. I showed him how to use MuseScore, which I enjoy using. Musescore is freeware that lets one notate sheet music to make a song and then play it back using instrument files called Soundfonts. I'd like to learn to use another program called Swami to create my own Soundfonts, as I find Soundfonts a fun way to make music, but I want to bake my own.

Matt's family members were all nice, and folks were interested in music and chess. I wish I could have contributed more than demonstrating MuseScore and the IXI software tools, but
I learned a lot, and will learn more as I study to make more of a contribution to the learning process..

On the way home, I stopped by Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco and took a walk. Then I drove home and walked in Glendover Park. In both Limestone Quarry and in Glendover Park, I saw a miniature bird that looked a bit like a goldfinch, but may have been a tiny warbler. I did not get a good enough view to tell. I did take lots of pictures of handsome molting mockingbirds.

Time-Warner Cable and CBS settled their feud. I am irritated with CBS for violating net neutrality by blocking Also, I do not believe that the actress Cote de Pablo will return to NCIS notwithstanding the end of the dispute, which is a negative for CBS. Still, I am glad the network and the cable company sorted it out.

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