Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

damn small

Today featured good news. I lost 4 pounds in Weight Watchers, putting my total lost over 10. Half Price Books had the Damn Small Linux book on sale for a bit over 4 dollars. This book lists for 40 dollars. Damn Small Linux is an operating system that installs on just 50 MB of hard drive. I first installed it last Fall when I was first learning how to load up Linux on a virtual machine through VMWare Player. It's so light it's fast even in a virtual machine. Its browser is a bit out of date (an early Firefox/iceweasel), but it's still an amazing operating system. I read some of the Damn Small Linux book (it is 400+ pages) and it is good. I have much to learn about package management in that system. I also got an out-of-date 2010 Fedora Bible for 4 dollars. If I use that much, I'll get a current one.

I walked at McKinney Community Center nature trail, where I saw tufted titmice,
Carolina chickadees, a bevy of Carolina wrens, northern cardinals, and an amazing Baltimore oriole.

The temperature today neared 105 degrees. But a few drops of rain fell.

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