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I took a bird walk at Lake Ray Roberts State Park at 8 a.m. yesterday. Only the ranger, a nice young recent college graduate from California, and I attended. We had a great time, and saw lots of birds. When we were walking on a huge open space, trying to get good photos of a snowy egret, an osprey appeared on our horizon, descended to the water, grasped its prey,and flew off with it. It was amazing. My photo of the bird with its prey is indistinct, but it will give an idea of the experience:

osprey with prey

I am not sure if the prey was a crappie (a fish) or a bullfrog. I will go for more bird walks at this great state park.

On the way home, I stopped at batting cages to hit some balls at an amusement center. I enjoyed it, but I must say that using an older bat to hit fast-pitch softballs is just asking for one's wrist to be jarred with a funny-bone sensation. I love slow-pitch softball hitting, because it teaches patience.
I wish I still had my old Babe Ruth league bat.

Last night my wife and I went to see "Lee Daniel's The Butler". Though the story was told in movie-of-the-week format, it was nonetheless quite powerful.
It reminded me of the parts of my childhood in which segregation was rampant--our small town schools practiced a form of segregation until I was 12, and the movie theater required black viewers to sit in the balcony until my teen years. Little league baseball was whites-only. That was a shameful era. Inequality of opportunity was everywhere. The movie also made me think of the current civil rights battles and how there is just as much work to do in our time as in that.

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