Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

perry mason and eddie marsan

Last night we watched a very good BBC version of "The 39 Steps" on Masterpiece Classic. I was glad to see Eddie Marsan in yet another good character role. He is like one of those old-fashioned secondary character actors---he brings life to every part, and no two parts are the same.

We stayed up late watching reruns of Perry Mason and Kojak. When I was young, I loved Perry Mason. Maybe he influenced my desire to be an attorney. When I was a young lawyer, I noticed his ethical lapses the most,but now I notice his use of common-sense and deduction to solve each week's mystery. I love, too,the late 50s/early 60s southern California ambience. I have grown to really like Kojak reruns as well. Kojak's integrity is a refreshing change from the bend-the-rules nature of modern cop shows. Also, the idiosyncratic 70s sense of post-American-dream decay makes for effective visuals.

I've agreed to create a music video for someone. I look forward to the challenge. I will use OpenShot Video Editor, and perhaps do an animation. We'll see. It will take me some weeks.

We are watching a great documentary on PBS about film v. digital, with lots of famous film directors, cinematographers, actors and a good job by Keanu Reevesof hosting. I like film and digital, and think someday the technology will evolve so much that this is no longer the question.

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