Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

kestrel and niece

At lunchtime yesterday I went to Breckinridge Park. When I arrived among the trees where I usually find eastern bluebirds, I noticed some birds flying away in groups. I started to look for the hawk. Instead, I saw an American kestrel.
He was fluttering around the trees, and sometimes emitting a cry, rather like
a red-shouldered hawk does when a red-shouldered hawk is hoping to scare a little bird into flying. As kestrels usually swoop down on grasshoppers, it was interesting to see this maneuver. The kestrel seemed unhappy I was there. I think he thought I would scare the birds away. Soon he climbed high, soaring above me. I went to a different section of the park and looked at mourning doves and a furtive green heron. Later, as I left, I saw the kestrel sitting in a bare branch of a tree, but when I fixed my binoculars on him, he flew away. Usually the kestrels in that park allow me to take their picture sedately, but on the other hand, when I drive slowly, using my car as a bird blind, I have better luck with my kestrel photos.

After work I went to Love Field. I picked up our 17-year-old niece. She is such a delight to have for a visit. My wife and I took her to Hedary's, the local Lebanese place, where we sat outside. My niece is one of those artistically gifted people, so we looked at her drawing pad and all the great sketches she's made. Today we have a full day planned.

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