Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ess vee gee

This morning I woke at 4 a.m. I know from my reading that in an earlier time, sleep was seen as something to undertake in phases. The "first sleep", the "second sleep" and so forth. But for me, it mainly meant being up for an hour, and then feeling tired later in the morning. I guess I am not a creature of Benjamin Franklin's era.

At lunch I picked up issue 174 of Linux Format Magazine. I got a teriyaki chicken sandwich and sat down to read it. I noticed that in the letters to the editor, my letter praising the "50 distros reviewed" article got selected as "Letter of the Month". Sadly, I think the only prize for this selection is the honor of being in my own little box on the page, and not, say, a new ZaReason Linux computer. Still, I was pleased to see it in print, as it's reassuring to know one is read by a fine magazine's staff.

I had pho tonight at Allen's pho place. The woman who took my order corrected my (intentional) mispronunciation of pho by saying "its pho, like fun without the 'n'". She did it with such good humor that I did not retort how I know that but like to Anglicize words when it seems intuitive to do so.

Today I got a "like" on a picture I posted years ago on the Open Clip Art library. This inspired me tonight to try to create more .svg images to post.
First I downloaded potrace, a command line way to trace bitmaps into .svg.
But I had trouble getting it to find the image files. Next I downloaded Inkscape.
I exported an .svg image of a bluebird photo and uploaded it. A kind soul at the pointed out that I had only embedded an image onto an .svg. So I first tried to use the site's "upload2" .svg service. Then I set back to work in Inkscape. I think I figured out how to create a proper tracing for an .svg and uploaded that. I would like to learn more about vector graphics.

I began watching "Bridge over the River Kwai" tonight, a movie I have seen numerous times. Alec Guinness' performance in that movie is such a pleasure to watch. When my wife arrived home from her hair appointment, though, I switched the channel to "Modern Family".

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