Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The War is Over

Saturday morning I went to the Trinity River Audubon Society. I saw an American kestrel, a copperhead, some herons, some eastern kingbirds, a western kingbird and lots of yellow wildflowers.

Saturday afternoon I finished watching the animated film "Justice League of America:the Flashpoint Paradox". I had not seen any of the DC comics direct to DVD films before. When I was a kid, I preferred DC over Marvel. I was amused that I was pleased when Etrigan, the Demon, had a cameo appearance. What would DC comics be without alternative universes and time paradox?The film was interesting, and not for kids.

Saturday night we drove to Mount Pleasant and ate at our favorite east Texas Thai restaurant. When we walked in, the entire full restaurant paused to see who we are. Small towns work that way sometimes.

Sunday morning we finished the drive to Arkansas after a restorative stay at a La Quinta. We picked up my father's wife's daughter, and then went to Brookshire's grocery to pick up cupcakes. Then we went to my father's house, where we celebrated his wife's birthday. We had a really nice visit with them. We were back on the road by 3. During our drive home, we witnessed one heavy trucker experience what looked like road rage with another car (he had narrowly missed side-swiping me when passing before that), but nobody was hurt.

Monday I went to work. I saw two kestrels at lunch, but did not get a good picture. Monday night I used the Linux program MuseScore to create a song score, and then used Noiser and Slicer to morph it into an odd piece I called "The War is Over". I liked the way the creation process, after the first MIDI section,was all "live". I was amused when I thought the sound had gone out,but I had merely transposed the microphone jack and the headphone jack. It took me a while, too, to sort out the right inputs on Audacity,but it all worked out. The song is a bit odd, but so is war.

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