Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

young coyote

Breckinridge Park in Richardson is very near my work. I can go at lunch or just after work. There are three areas. Parking Lot A features a large space of trees and fields. Parking Lot B features a large pond. Parking Lot C is a paved circular roadway--often birds can be seen when drives on this little circle.

Today when I pulled into Parking Lot C at work, I saw something different.
A large but immature coyote stood just by the woods. It was nearly the size of a full-size coyote, but it lacked all the right look on its face and neck.
I was not able to get a picture, but I did get to see a full-grown coyote nearby.
They faded into the woods before long, but it was great to see them. I learned on the internet tonight that male coyotes stay with their parents until age 6 to 9 months, while females can stay with the family group longer.

Coyotes are common here, but not often seen in broad daylight. I always like to get to see one unexpectedly. The rest of my park visit was less eventful, involving a photograph of a western kingbird.

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