Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cook it simply

I thought about how the changes in livejournal change the way I post. I am much less likely to write essays than to record my days now. This is because the diary feature of the on-line journal matters most to me now, perhaps.

This morning I took a 5 mile hike on Trinity Trail. I took the shady part near
Highland Park. The lake is way down due to drought. I saw lots of the common regional birds, but in particular I got nice pictures of a blue jay feather and of a butterfly.

My Weight Watchers meeting worked out well. I had lost 3 pounds. That brings my total to 9 pounds in 6 weeks. This was also "bring a favorite recipe" week. I wrote out what I do, which is not much more than bake things on a single cookie sheet, all within an hour, and vary the time of baking a bit for the item baked. I had also written my pork crockpot roast with sauerkraut, but did not bother to read it out. My fellow participants did not derive my non-creative (but better, to me, than salad(s)) approach.

I got a sandwich at Subway. Then I finished My Dog Tulip. The writer/narrator/novelist frustrated me because his views on spaying and lots of other things were outdated. But I should have allowed for era. The movie did not live up to its first half hour, but I'm glad I saw it.

I had a great call with my father late this afternoon. Then my nephew and my brother took me out to dinner. We had a great time together. We went to Hibachi Rocks in Allen.

This was a good weekend.
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